• ”和歌山の恵み”を口いっぱいに味わえるカフェバーが




    A cafe bar has opened on Mt. Koya where you can fully enjoy the blessings of Wakayama! 20:00-22:00

  • 奥之院ナイトツアー 参加された方5%OFF


    Those who booked the Okunoin Night Tour will get 5% off from the bill for food and drink in the cafe.

    Please tell us when you come to the store.

  • お店の休業日(水・木)や貸切の日はクーポンをご利用いただけません、あしからずご了承くださいませ。

    Please note that coupons cannot be used on store holidays or when the store is privately reserved.

  • 口いっぱいに広がる和歌山の恵み

    Blessings of Wakayama that fill your mouth

  • 和歌山や高野山麓の特産品を味わう

    Taste the special products of Wakayama and the foot of Mt. Koya




    和歌山発のクラフトビール ・地酒




    - Fruit Kingdom Wakayama!
    100% Juice / Plum Juice

    - Rich scent!
    Rare black tea and roasted green tea from Nachikatsuura, Wakayama.

    - Carefully selected by taste!

    Craft beer, local sake, plum wine, craft gin from Wakayama.

    We also offer light meals with the flavor of local specialties, and snacks such as the finest natural cheese and nuts with the flavor of Wakayama created by the Wakayama cheese sommelier, which is also offered at luxury hotels and restaurants.





    Some tables in the store are made of cedar and cypress grown at the foot of Mt. Koya.

    Tableware and chairs are also remade by the owner and designer by purchasing reused items and antiques in Wakayama prefecture.

    Not only the uniqueness of Wakayama, but also the colors of Koyasan's esoteric Buddhism and the furniture that makes you feel nostalgic.

    -弘法大師 空海や高野山の文化について学べる動画を定期的に流しています。

    Occasionally, in the store, we play videos that you can casually learn about Kukai (the founder of Koyasan) and esoteric Buddhism.


    店主は 高野山の宿坊寺院に執事長として務める傍ら、高野山上でガイドとして活動し 

    現在は高野山上でツアー・旅行会社を経営しております。店員は皆 高野町内に居住している者です。



    The owner used to work as a deacon at a Shukubo temple on Mt. Koya. Taking advantage of the experience of guiding activities on Mt. Koya for more than 10 years, I currently run a travel agency on Mt. Koya. All the staff are people who live in Koya town. Please feel free to ask about the highlights and excursions of Mt. Koya.

  • 店長オススメ


    Recommended by the manager


    Wakayama 100% Fruit Juice 



    Assortment of 5 types of cheese flavored with local products from Wakayama.


    Enjoy pairing beer or plum wine with cheese!

  • 予約/問い合わせ

    Seat reservation/ Inquiry

    734, Koyasan, Koyacho, Itogun, Wakayama, Japan
    FRI-TUE 20:00 - 22:00
    Closed on WED&THU
  • MAP


    奥之院ナイトツアー 集合場所(恵光院)の目の前です。

    Convenient location in the center of Mt. Koya!
    It is right in front of Ekoin, the meeting place of the Okunoin Night Tour.

    3 minutes walk to the entrance of Okunoin.

  • FAQ




    We have collected Wakayama's special products and delicious foods on Mt. Koya!

    Not only food and drink, but also furniture and chairs were purchased in Wakayama prefecture and remade by the designer.We are showing a short video that you can easily learn about the culture of Mt. Koya.



    We use local production for local consumption, no additives, no pesticides, and homemade products as much as possible.



    The people who work live in Mt. Koya, and we want to create a rewarding workplace even in the countryside.



    The appearance of the cafe that blends into the streets of Mt. Koya, a World Heritage Site. The atmosphere inside the store reflects the colors of the local culture.



    We mostly use vendors in Wakayama prefecture as our suppliers, and we emphasize social and economic ties with local industries and embody harmony with nature through food.